From the HR Echo Chamber – Policy myths and the great mind meld

Vulcan mind meld 2  How does one argue against learning? If confronted by a service so broken, what do you say, no thank you? Awash in false narratives under the “best practices” banner, operational training policy is forged without question in the HR echo chamber. The penultimate myth repeated over and over is the HR policy of waterboarding trainees with computer learning via on-line “content”. CEO’s are held hostage with this nonsense. Remove the learning management system (which has nothing to do with learning by the way, its a data base) and nothing exists. It’s all gone. What then, has the corporation invested in? If the argument is the people, why is learning not built around people rather than a software program? If a software program is so effective would learning institutions not have thought of this long ago and replaced all the trainers with software? Do CEO’s really believe HR holds some sacred key? Generally its a good idea to be smarter than your tools. However, if you see everything as a nail then the only tool you need is a hammer. HR managers have convinced senior managers the role and responsibility of a SME is to pump out “content” for online learning. Everything is smacked by the HR content hammer. Make SME content. Make SME tests. Make SME curriculum. Make SME competencies. Make more content and tests and around and around we go. When does common sense outweigh poor decisions? There is no secret mind meld process that only HR can perform. You cannot extract knowledge from someone like sap from a maple tree and transplant knowledge into a host. Humans are far too complex for that. The only sap here is the CEO, operations manager and SME buying this policy myth. Training is what happens between the trainer and trainee. Period. The SME is not responsible for making “content”. The SME’s only responsibility is to the well-being (including learning) of the trainee he or she is training.  Everything else is dryer lint, a hazard if left unattended but acceptable when thrown in the garbage on a regular basis. HR should never be part of a trainers check list. A good trainer knows you don’t use a chain saw when dental floss will do.

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