Notes from the field: Training is a sales solution that defines its expression

hr-idea-of-trainingAs an engineer my work undergoes critical analysis. Why don’t I see this level of internal analysis within learning and development?

Because there is no separation between data and process. You can control your work, HR cannot. Learning is driven by the learning management system (LMS) and all job profiles function as sales agents who in turn support the software architecture. Furthermore, the software does not require any critical analysis. Resources for analysis tend to be internal such as an IT team or the external software provider on standby to sell your company another software module to stack on top of the existing platform. As an engineer you have the option to modify your work flow to change data. This can’t be done within a LMS software platform because the architecture defines the job profile and workflow. The LMS providers would argue there is no need for critical analysis, all the thinking has been done for you. Third party service providers mimic the sofware as well.  We see the same narrative evident at watering holes such as LinkedIn. At the Chief Learning Officer group meaningful analysis is absent. At time of writing, the top 3 posts are all from companies selling frivolous solutions. The group target audience is C-Suite. Let’s take a quick look at the top 3 articles under the search title “training”.

Strategies to Mitigate Key Challenges in a Compliance Training

The article title looks promising but we see the first bullet point (bad grammar included) is, “Making these training interesting and engaging”. In my past life we would use this  language to assess the experience of other educators in leadership positions. If a senior level manager showed up and started a conversation by saying make learning fun, you knew it was time to start looking for another job. Mediocrity has arrived in all it’s pageantry.

1 Question to Kick Off A Convo With a Training SME or Stakeholder

There is no question but the answer apparently drives training design.

Improve the ROI of your Training Development Efforts

How to improve ROI? The article suggest technology and I am not making this up, the author recommends collaboration.

So yes, I agree with your observation there is little in the way of analysis coming from the learning and development communities. A gap exists between the current fixation on leadership and the meaningless information this website provides leadership. I suggest writing the moderators and hold them accountable to a higher standard.

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