EdCamp for educators

What is EdCamp?A group of like minded people who work in the field of education. No, you don’t need a degree and no you don’t need to work at a school or a learning institution. If you are in business and you work in learning and development you are an educator. Period. You can participate and recommend any topic of your choice. Edcamp is committed to providing educators a PD (that’s educator lingo for professional development) model that increases job satisfaction, empowers ongoing learning and encourages professional networking. And it’s free. There’s no one selling you a product. This is a group of like minded people coming together over topics of your design. Why? Because that’s what a discipline looks like. Contrary to public belief not everything has to be commodified to be of any use.


Edcamp-in-a-Box makes organizing an Edcamp as easy as possible for organizers in the United States! 

” The Edcamp Foundation believes all educators should be able to organize an Edcamp without the burden of needing supplies or money to make the event a success. The Edcamp-in-a-Box program provides free resource kits to organizers in the United States who have 1) registered with Edcamp Foundation and 2) agreed to the Terms and Conditions set forth to ensure the integrity of the Edcamp model”.

Get off the Linkedin watering holes. They are like truck stops. The food is the shits and the conversation stale. Educators are progressive and seek out PD opportunities to grow. Don’t bring your wallet. There is nothing to buy. Bring your skill set and share with others.

Here are the 4 tenents of Edcamp as per the Edcamp model

1. Experience, not Expert: Edcamps encourage educators to facilitate sessions by sharing experiences; conversations not planned presentations.

2. Free + Open to All: Edcamps never charge a fee, and are open to educators of all levels and subjects.

3. Participant-Driven: Edcamps allow educators to collaboratively determine session topics the day of the event.

4. Rule of Two Feet: Edcamps suggest educators find sessions that meet their needs to maximize learning.

Go and listen. How does and educator think. How do they look at a topic. Don’t be put off thinking this just a bunch of teachers. All the better you are surrounded by them. You share the same goals. Everyone in the room is walking the same path as you. Think like an educator. Deepen your discipline. Be an educator.

Visit https://www.edcamp.org/ to learn more.

I am Fut and we are all educators