Who and what is influencing you?

The message is more important than the delivery

If you have seen the video skip to the questions below. If not the basic premise is can an educator be progressive if their own learning is stunted by the rigid adherence to processes like Bloom’s taxonomy? When should an educators craft take precedence over archaic principles? The politics of curriculum succumbs to sales solutions based on market forces. We can see evidence of this in the form of market mimicking governance. Internal regulators that enforce the market standard not educational standards. Hence the strong attachment to the best practices argument. Good argument if your context is a business to business comparison. Poor argument when you compare business to education.

  • Do any of the topics discussed in the video front load your processes?
  • What is the framework for your discussions during a meeting? How is it formed and who does it serve?
  • What processes pre-wiring your meetings?
  • How is what you do directly related to the needs of the learner?
  • How do the topics inform your understanding of education?
  • Are these topics standard practice within the education discipline?