Climate control not command and control

The human condition, what we are and how we function, contradicts the fundamental structure of learning departments. Education or corporation, the learning condition is blind to these words. The message is the same, only the actors change. It matters little what department you are in. Human resources, quality management, health and safety etc… if you are involved in learning your an educator. This should come as no surprise as the human condition does not change when you move from one department to another. The message Ken conveys is that an employee will not reach full potential if those charged with learning fail in using the human condition as a starting point to build their learning framework. Unfortunately, the worst attributes of the education disciple are called best practices. It comes as no surprise that under such conditions, a command and control structure is required. If only they knew, that people can sustain the system with little or no input from the corporation. That’s the power a climate control model delivers. Growth by ingenuity and creativity. The human condition. If your job is learning, sometimes doing less is the solution.