Companies Waste Billions Of Dollars On Ineffective Corporate Training

Michael Beer of Harvard Business School conducted research on training. He found that $162 billion dollars was spent on corporate training in 2012. The fact that “most of it was wasted” is not a surprise. The corporate learning and development department is how educational departments looked 20 years ago. Learning management software is the face of the new teacher standing at the head of the classroom. Learners still sit in rows facing a digital chalkboard. The composition of the chalk board has changed but they are still there. Thankfully, educational departments moved on from this archaic model. Education management and business management parted ways long ago. As an educator, I know how you think about learning has more impact on learners than what you think. It’s OK to show your failures and boast of success at the same time. It’s not OK that learners are the ones dissatisfied because the learning department follows a model 20 years behind the times.

75% of 1,500 managers surveyed from across 50 organizations were dissatisfied with their company’s Learning & Development (L&D) function;

The corporate learning departments only saving grace is that you are not doing it wrong if no one knows what you are doing.

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