The perfection of a workplace death

“I don’t want to see a bunch of bosses in jail,” said Steve Hunt. “In fact, if we saw one or two [under the Criminal Code] I think that would be the paradigm shift…” Steve is director of a Steelworkers union. He is charged with protecting the well being of his members. Steve has no idea as to who should be held responsible for a workers death and opts for the shot gun management approach. Shoot and hopefully someone gets hit. Far out of his grasp is the one group making training programs but as of yet never actually held responsible for a workers death, the learning department. How did we get to the point where the people charged with designing and managing the curriculum, competencies content and delivery not be held accountable? In any other learning department, a college training the new crop of journeyman or even high school shop class, the opposite is true. How did the corporate learning department become except? Not one department but every single one in North America! Why has no one in the history of human resources ever been held accountable in the court of law? How did it come to be that the obvious became obscure? Out of all the learning philosophies, all the various instructional methodologies and learning management theories, corporate learning has selected the one thing that limits learning the most, digital learning. It is the least you can possibly do while spending the most money but still make people think they are training. If it’s working, don’t mess with success.

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