Yes, workplace injuries happen because of training

Source: What does the professionalization of HR mean for business?  Financial Post

Let’s check in on the human resources industry.  For those out of the loop, here is what happened back in 2013

The association is accountable to the Ontario Legislature for regulating and governing its members in the public interest, and members are accountable for maintaining their knowledge and skills at a high level and demonstrating the utmost in professionalism. These are not empty promises or claims, they are legally binding covenants.

Financial Post Publishing date Apr 07, 2015 

What has happened since the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2013 was passed? An act that places HR, ” in the top tier of regulated professions in Ontario”. Has the human resources industry been holding it’s members accountable? Are the courts holding the human resources industry accountable? Fast forward to a September 1 2020 press release

“The injured worker did receive on-the-job training but did not get specific training on the overhead magnet”.

So what happened? Here is what OSHA concluded

“The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires an employer to ensure that the equipment, materials and protective devices provided by the employer are maintained in good condition,” wrote DeLine.

The training was incomplete. During the curriculum analysis, program design, instructional resource development including the management and maintenance of the training program, training was either left out, omitted or never accounted for in the first place. No where in OSHA analysis do we see evidence of who was responsible for the training. Was it HR or HSE? Two completely different groups. One operates within an HSE system the other follows the universal learning myth that says there is only one type of learning called adult learning. So what methodology did they use to design the training? What did the curriculum alignment findings determine to be the best course of action? What education model provided the participants over sight to eliminate bias towards worker behavior? In other words who got to decide what the learning behaviors would be? How did two dissimilar groups HSE and HR connect to the workers hands and feet? Workplace injuries happen because of training. Accident investigations exclude the analysis of the people that design, develop and manage the training.

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