We set up the experience so you have to think it to see it. No changes here will offer an immediate effect. That’s our way of building formative knowledge. Things just take time to know, you know? We don’t pay attention to Look But Don’t Touch signs hung by the HR industry over every corporate learning department. Adult learning turned from mere instructional principles that manage a workers workflow e.g. LMS coordinator, into a bona fide moral development theory complete with it’s own school of thought. HR formerly concerned with learning, turned to talent development and then pivoted to terra forming an “ecosystem”. The industry has now gone beyond system thinking and set their sights on the entire “culture” of an employees life. Including the new mantra we heard at high school now repeated at work, life long learning. It comes as no coincidence that the industry has created a new employee as chief of culture called the chief learning officer. The throne will reside within the C-suite. Moral development has become a new form of worker management. This is the start of a multi billion dollar social engineering movement.

What do we know from experience?

How you think about education has more of an impact on what you do than what you think.